Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Palabrium EP out now!

Here is "Palabrium", the new a-m#2 25-minute EP released on The Pet Goat Records, you can listen to it through the player of this page and download it right here:


Go & check other releases from Dario's label The Pet Goat Records:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pierced from within.

Gate of Green.

Somewhere in the Pyrénées, France.

Summer slices.

Arkham Asylum vol.1 compilation.

American label FeralFang. MEDIA just released this free online compilation, featuring one a-m#2 track called 'Marée_Manganèse_1'.
Each of the band involved represents a Batman Villain, I picked Deadshot...

You can download it right here:


Good job Cory, thanx for the opportunity, man!

Délier les ombres.

Délier les ombres by a-m#2

This track is also available through Jonic Noise's Soundcloud and on their website too (check the Links section of this blog).
Thanx Adriano and Giuseppe, keep up the great work!